What can writing be if we dislocate it from everything we have been told? What might happen if we do it together?

Whether online or in person, our workshops are collaborative, and unlike any other you've taken before. We don't believe in the top down, writer guru method. We don't use the workshop rituals and traditions we've inherited. While our practices and methods are rooted in a distinct philosophy that Lidia Yuknavitch has spent a lifetime creating, it requires workshops to be a lateral, collaborative process that values participant collaboration just as much as the workshop leaders'. We aren't the 'masters.' We aren't the ones 'who know,' and are merely imparting our knowledge to you. We just have flashlights and graham crackers and know the secret passageways. We are good at leading people into new and unknown territories from which they can make art.

Janice Lee: An Interview, by Lidia Yuknavitch

LIDIA: How do you see the relationship between language and memory? Are they some personal and/or historical events and traumas that break language or put language into crisis? I'm thinking of personal and historical crises in representation and what that "does" to language...
JANICE: Language is always in crisis, isn’t it?...The sentence is another privileged and colonial form. The sentence is meant to contain a “complete thought.” Which points of view can operate naturally with that kind of framework? And beyond that, language is constantly failing. That’s why we write, we are articulating the inarticulatable, the necessary. What’s at stake here is everything. All we can do is try.


A few spots left in: 

Waterlines :: A Generative Writing Intensive with Lidia and the Ocean

Manzanita, OR :: June 8 - 11

1. GENERATIVE: Art as Life Practice with Prompts and Processes

2. SCREENWRITING: Writing the Body onto The Screen

3. REINVENTING REVISION: A radicalization of what we mean when we say “workshop.” Group Revision Work using Lidia's invented Corporeal Methodologies

4. POETICS: Poetics Are Where Language & The Body Meet: Get in Touch With Your Personal Poetics.