Waterlines :: A Generative Writing Intensive with Lidia and the Ocean


Jung, Freud, and Karen Horney all suggested that the ocean is a metaphor for the subconscious. The ocean stands for the subconscious, the primal state, dreams, fantasy, imagination. Our ancient ancestors came out of the water and evolved from swimming to crawling to walking. Human fetuses still have “gill-slit” structures in their early stages of development, and we spend our first nine months of life immersed in the “watery” environment of our mother’s womb. When we’re born, our bodies are approximately 78 percent water. The ocean, source, water being is also in a state of trauma just now that corresponds to all kinds of personal crises; the environmental and the emotional are in relationship. Whatever the ocean is or isn’t, we are part of it. In this collaborative we will write alongside the ocean, and explore the ways in which our creativity kisses and moves through life waters. Friday night we will talk through our relationships to the ocean (fear, joy, pleasure, pain, anger, etc...all emotions).

Saturday will be morning and afternoon writing intensive; Saturday evening you are free to roam. Sunday I will guide us through generative revision strategies; Sunday night we will share our work.


In collaboration w/: Lidia Yuknavitch


ARRIVAL: Friday, June 8th, 2018: 5:00 - 6:00

DEPARTURE: By 11:00 on Monday, June 11th

where: Luxury Oceanfront Home in Manzanita, oregon




This workshop caps at 10 participants. We have 2 single rooms, 4 beds in a bunk room, and 2 "Sign Up W/ A Friend" rooms.

What is a Sign Up W/ A Friend room?

A room with a king size bed for you and a friend to share.

  • One is the Master Suite, which reigns from the top floor w/ 280-degree ocean views from the elevated king-size bed, which is surrounded by windows on three sides, placed so you can watch the surf and the stars from bed AND the shower.
  • The other is the Junior King Suite, which has gorgeous ocean views, a king-size bed and a ¾ bath.  

Outside of the bedrooms, there are plenty of quiet nooks and separate sitting areas to spread out in--4, in fact! So you should have no trouble finding a spot to do some quiet reading or writing, or a place to chat and laugh with new friends. 


Pricing is by bed. So if you choose a "Sign Up W/ A Friend" Room, that price is TOTAL for BOTH of you. Click below to see options and pricing. If it does not allow you to choose an option, that means that room/bed has been taken. 


from 1,400.00
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