Politics & Resistance Writing: A Productive Undoing

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Politics & Resistance Writing: A Productive Undoing

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In what ways are Corporeal Writing politically radical? What makes a piece of writing politically active?

Politics and policy now, and always, have failed us. Fascism is absolutely going to fail us. Politics, or principles relating to power, status and social hierarchies, have left a lot of voices and bodies out. We believe writing, infiltrated with drive, body, language, and new meanings, is a socially vital activity. Ideas, sharing knowledge, and art, are literally the ways to combat Fascism. This workshop, a collaboration between writer-theory-nerds Zinn Adeline andLidia Yuknavitch, is a combination of readings you are to complete ahead of time, group discussion geared towards the exemplary writing techniques, and writing prompts and exercises, will examine how the social hierarchies are formed and upheld, and analyze the ways in which writing can, like activism that is concrete and public, serve as political intervention, disruption and real social change. The Revolution Includes Literature. The Revolution Includes You. (The only pre-requisite is an open mind and a willingness to listen, learn, and write.)

You will be given your readings one month ahead of time, and there will be a private online space to engage in reading discussions and ask questions (anonymously, if you prefer, but no question is a stupid one!) so you feel prepared to make the most out of our time together. Your registration also includes beer, wine & snacks on Friday, as well as coffee, tea and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. There will be vegetarian and gluten free options. We are limited to 25 participants in order to allow for meaningful engagement. 

WHEN: 9/22/17-9/24/17

WHERE: Gay City in Seattle, WA.

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Lidia Yuknavitch & Zinn Adeline 

COST: $475