Ontologies: Writing Your Way Into the World

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Ontologies: Writing Your Way Into the World

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Ontologies: Writing Your Way Into The World


WORKSHOP LEADERS: Lidia Yuknavitch & Zinn Adeline, 3 weeks each. 

WHERE: Online for 6-weeks

COST: $450

At its heart, in metaphysics, “ontology” is the study of the nature of being. 

But that is not the way I’d like to explore ontologies. I’m thinking more about how we understand ourselves as part of the planet with other beings, and how do we develop storytelling for our experiences. I’m thinking about how much we have learned from writers like Ta Nehisi Coates in Between the World and Me, Rebecca Solnit in Hope In The Dark, Maggie Nelson in Bluets and The Argonauts, Leslie Jameson in The Empathy Exams, Claudia Rankine in Citizen, Roxane Gay in Bad Feminist, Joy Harjo in Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings. 

I’m thinking of questions like how do we replace old logics and colonizing ideas and identities with Stomp dance songs, blues, and jazz ballads, how and where resistance and resilience songs are born, how do we grieve the loss of a country as well as individual identities and the birth of whatever might be next, how do we enunciate a new kind of hope that is no part of what we’ve inherited.

In other words, this exploration will be about what the relationship between self and world is, how do we invent new languages to name our experiences, how do we create writing that names what our place is on this land in relation to other beings. 

Week One: Writing Your Relationship to Your Environment

Week Two: The Gap Between Self and Other as Generative Space

Week Three: Unwriting Fear

Week Four: Writing a You Beyond the Ego and Into the World

Week Five: The Urgency of Empathy and Passion

Week Six: Radical Civic Expression