The Corporeal Writing Seasonal Series is a workshop series I created because I’m interested in helping people make art-making part of their life practice. It helps to think of art making as cyclical, like seasons, and something you ride, like waves. It’s corporeal because I believe our bodies have a point of view in life. And when we tell stories from there they come out different. Urgent. Important. I’m not “the master.” I’m not the one “who knows.” But I have a flashlight and I love leading people into unknown territory, and I’d love it if you joined me.
— Lidia Yuknavitch

Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

2018 & 2019

WHEN: See Each Workshop Below

WHERE: Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

WORKSHOP LEADER: Lidia Yuknavitch

Facilitated by: Domi Shoemaker

Cost: $425

All Seasonal workshops are from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. on Friday evening, and 11-4 on both Saturday and Sunday. If a workshop you would like to attend is full, get on the waiting list; there IS a chance! 


Summer: Body Heat 

Sex. Heat. Abundance. Excess. Juice. Long hot nights, cool rivers, the moon the only witness. In this generative workshop we will take “excursions” into the belly of summer to generate writing and art. For the adventurous and sly. Experimental, mixed genre, utterly liberating.

One summer workshop: 2020 Dates TBA

leaves and boots.JPG

Fall: Exhausting Metaphor

Color. Changes in light, leaves, life. Meditation. Observation. In this generative workshop we will develop your key primary metaphors embedded in how you experience your life physically. Don’t worry—I know how to find them. From these metaphors we will develop seeds of texts (poetic, fiction, nonfiction, or mixed genre) for future expansion in your writing and artmaking life.

*For the Oct 25-27, 2020 Fall Collab, Lidia will be out of town. The weekend will be led by Domi Shoemaker and Daniel Elder instead.




WINTER: The Story Underneath the Story

Digging down. Tunneling Under. Hibernation. Exploring the cold, the dark, the depths. In this generative workshop will focus on “going deeper” by producing a “layered” text and then multiplying its potential meanings by asking what is underneath its surface and how can I access the deeper stories? Trust me there is a lot underneath every surface.



2/21/20 - 2/23/20


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SPRING: Reinventing & Restorying

Seeds. Planting. Budding. Growth. Composting. Renewal, remembering, remaking. Shared work, discussion, bring your body, your writing, your art, and a willingness to leave your comfort zone. We will blow your existing work up as well as open up future options you didn’t even know were there – everything you’ve ever written has at least five more ideas in it.



2020 Dates TBA


2020 Dates TBA