• WORKSHOP LEADERS: This workshop is facilitated by Zinn, but you will get your feedback from Lidia.
  • WHERE & WHEN: Revision workshops are 4 weeks and take place on a rich and interactive online platform. See below for specific dates. 
  • HOW: With an introductory video of Lidia explaining why she leads revision different than the tradition. Then each writer posting up to 20 pages, which they must do during their assigned week. 
  • PARTICIPATION EXPECTATION: You will be expected to read and respond to 2 other writers a week; which means you will be reading up to 40 pages per week and responding by using the Corporeal Writing Revision Techniques. Your participation is required, and you will NOT receive your feedback from Corporeal Writing until the end of the month and AFTER you have responded to all of the other writers who have been assigned to you. This also means that you will receive feedback on your work from 8 participants AND Corporeal Writing.
  • COST: $550: Limited to 16 participants:
  • Next, Next Start Date: 4/1/18
    • Registration: check back
  • Next Start Date: 9/4/17
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