GOT A Feature-Length Screenplay or TV Pilot? Want eyes on it?

Andy has a window of opportunity during which he can read full scripts and provide feedback

Feature-film scripts or TV pilots. Andy provides global comments, conceptual feedback, and scene-by-scene notes, as well as suggestions for moving forward with the material. He does NOT DO EDITS (that job goes to editors and proofreaders).

Only 9 slots open over the next 3 months, first come, first serve. There is a 4-6 week turnaround time from submission to getting your pages back.


Andy Mingo

Andy is a seasoned screenwriter who has adapted fiction to screen from authors like Monica Drake, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Chuck Palahniuk. He and Palahniuk recently co-wrote the script adaptation of Palahniuk's award-winning novel, Lullaby, which is currently in preproduction with Andy slated to direct. He is also currently co-writing the film adaptation to the award-winning memoir, The Chronology of Water. Andy brings extensive teaching experience in film production, screenwriting, and writing to his commercial and film work as a co-founder of MindPollen Studios. Check him out at

Use the form below to register your interest and let us know about your page count, and then Daniel will reach out to you to coordinate.


  • $500 for up to 100 pages (this is half the going rate out in the world)

  • $700 for up to 150 pages.

  • You must submit a full draft. Meaning it is drafted beginning to end.

  • A PAGE is exactly what it will be the next time you turn in your manuscript—to your agent and then filmmaking partner: Standard script format.

  • We can split this into 2 payments if you need to do so, with the 2nd payment due by 2 weeks prior to your turn-in date. Initial payment due now to secure your slot. Sorry, but we can't extend into longer terms in this case.

NO refunds or cancellations. Your deposits are non-refundable. 

Contact Daniel——with questions or to request a split payment. 


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