GOT A MANUSCRIPT? Want eyes on it?

Lidia has a brief window of opportunity during which she is willing to read full book manuscripts and provide feedback


Fiction, nonfiction, or hybrids. Lidia provides global comments, conceptual feedback, and chapter-by-chapter notes, as well as suggestions for moving forward with the material. She does NOT DO IN-LINE COMMENTS OR EDITS (that job goes to editors and proofreaders). She finds swimming around with you in your material thrilling.

Reading Window: August 1 - 30

Only 5 slots open, first come, first serve. 

Upon signup, you'll signup for a particular date to turn your pages in on, instructions to follow signup. 


  • $1500 for up to 200 pages (this is half the going rate)
  • $1800 for up to 300 pages. (300 pages is the max.)
  • A PAGE is exactly what it will be the next time you turn in your manuscript—to your agent and then publisher: DOUBLE SPACED, 12 PT. FONT. 
  • We can split this into 2 payments if you need to do so, with the 2nd payment due by 8/30/18. Sorry, but we can't extend into longer terms in this case. 

NO refunds or cancelations. Your deposits are non-refundable, period. 

Contact Daniel——with questions or to request a split payment. 

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