"I don’t lecture. Ever. I just put you through processes to help you discover what you need to discover. You already know. It is in you. But it has to be dug out so you can step into it and apply it. I’m just here to remind you. Guide you. To hand you the shovels. " -LIDIA YUKNAVITCH
What can writing be if we dislocate it from everything we have been told? What might happen if we do it together?

Whether online or in person, our workshops are collaborative, and unlike any other you've taken before. We don't believe in the top down, writer guru is God method. We don't use the workshop rituals and traditions we've inherited. While our practices and methods are rooted in a distinct philosophy that Lidia Yuknavitch has spent a lifetime creating, it requires workshops to be a lateral, collaborative process that values participant collaboration just as much as the workshop leaders'. We aren't the 'masters.' We aren't the ones 'who know,' and are merely imparting our knowledge to you. We just have flashlights and graham crackers and know the secret passageways. We are good at leading people into new and unknown territories from which they can make art.

Corporeal Writing announces online screenwriting workshop!

CORPOREAL SCREENWRITING: The Heart Of Writing For The Screen

Whether you're a first time screenwriter with a vision for film, or you've written a fictional piece you would like to adapt to the big screen, this 6-week, online screenwriting workshop with writer/director Andy Mingo is for you. 

This workshop will take you beyond screenplay format and the three act format, by diving deep to explore the emotional meaning that you bring to the page.  We will develop characterization from the inside out and discover a connection with a scripted story that will be ready to film. Consisting of weekly video lessons and online content, the workshop will culminate in a 10-page script.