zinn adeline

Creative Engineer & Workshop Leader


Zinn is creative, and she is trained and skilled in the design and construction of all things Corporeal Writing. So we made that title up for her. Because we do things like that. Things like disrupt the order of things. Things like invent. Zinn has an interdisciplinary background in Philosophy, Women's Studies & Literary Theory. While doing her graduate work in creative writing she accepted Lidia Yuknavitch’s invitation to collaborate on Corporeal Writing workshops. Her dream is to build an alternative arts program that dislocates "high theory," ideas, and the creation of knowledge from privileged university settings and makes it  available to everyone. She directs things-creative, education, operations, and develops things-workshops, vision, outreach, and manages things-finances, Lidialand, and communications. Also, she makes really delicious cocktails. Learn more at zinnadeline.com.



brigid yuknavitch

Poetry Body Worker & Workshop Leader

Poet and psychodrama practitioner Brigid Yuknavitch develops and leads poetry and poetics workshops for Corporeal Writing. She has a 2006 book of poetry Lives of the Puzzleworkers, as well as work in the anthologies Pontoon and Northwest Edge. She has a Ph.d in English and American Literature with a specialization in poetry and poetics, as well as a M.A. in Jungian Clinical psychology; for her, the two go hand in hand because they are both deeply about the creative process and coming into language. She has taught Graduate Seminars on H.D., Dickinson, Sexton, Plath, Brigit Kelly, Olga Broumas, Joy Harjo, Anzaldua, Ai, Levertov, Brooks, Lorde, Hahn and Rich, and is a trainer, educator and practitioner in psychodrama and sociometry. Brigid has a private practice and continues to lead a variety of workshops in both areas. Her goal in her work at Corporeal Writing is to develop workshops that help artists get into a relationship with themselves so they can access their inner poetry and find where their bodies and language come together. Learn more at psycheshorse.com.

Questions for Brigid? Zinn, at zinn@corporealwriting.com, will make sure she gets them. 

andy mingo

"The Mingo" & workshop leader 


Writer/Director Andy Mingo: Andy is a seasoned screenwriter who has adapted fiction to screen from authors like Monica Drake, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Chuck Palahniuk.  He and Palahniuk recently co-wrote the script adaptation of Palahniuk's award-winning novel, Lullaby, which is currently in preproduction with Andy slated to direct. Andy brings extensive teaching experience in film production, screenwriting, and writing to his commercial and film work as a co-founder of MindPollen Studios. 

Questions for Andy? Zinn, at zinn@corporealwriting.com, will make sure he gets them. 


domi shoemaker

Seasonal Workshop Series Co-Facilitator 


Domi J. Shoemaker is a gender-free writer who lives in Portland, Or. Domi spent several years with Tom Spanbauer's Dangerous Writers, and started the quarterly reading series, Burnt Tongue in 2012, just before snatching a gig with Lidia Yuknavitch for the launch of Dora: A Headcase. While finishing an MFA in Writing from Pacific University in 2015, Lidia asked Domi to help create the Corporeal Writing Seasonal Workshop Series. With a resounding yes, Domi is now the Corporeal Writing Seasonal Workshop Co-Facilitator.