Metamorphoses: New Forms From the Body & Language & Epistemologies: Writing to Unmake & Remake Meaning

  • WORKSHOP LEADER: Zinn Adeline
    • Zinn met Lidia when she was her graduate student years ago and then promptly left academia in accepting Lidia’s invitation to co-collaborate at Corporeal Writing.
    • Zinn has been studying under Lidia 4+ years, and having 'graduated' from learning Lidia's Corporeal Methods inside and out, and having designed one of her own--Epistemologies, she is now heading up all of the online workshops. 
  • WHERE & WHEN: Each workshop is 6 weeks, and takes place on an interactive online platform. See above for specific dates.

  • HOW: Each week has a pre-recorded video lesson from Lidia for you to watch on your own time, as well as a written summary of the video, and a prompt. You post your response to the prompt (between 500-1500 words) by the end of the week for leader and peer collaboration. You will have continuous interaction and conversations online with Zinn, and she will provide feedback on your work at least 3 times. She is available for video conference calls upon request.  

  • PARTICIPATION EXPECTATION: You are expected to give feedback, which we provide a how-to-guide for, to at least two other writers' work every week. This is important and a commitment we ask you to take seriously.  

  • COST: Each workshop is $400. There is the option to upgrade to being able to turn in up to 10 pages for feedback from Lidia at the end of the workshop; it is expected that the 10 pages will have come out of your work in workshop, and not be ten random pages. This option is limited and on a first come first serve basis. 

  • AND: To learn more about each specific workshop, click on the title. These workshops fill FAST. If the workshop you want is full, sign up for the waiting-list. 





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