Wild Research Online w/ Sonya Lea: Starts November 2

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Wild Research Online w/ Sonya Lea: Starts November 2

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Wild Research

Launches Saturday November 2nd Online

Six Weeks in Length 

Wild Research offers an intuitive, emotional, body-based inquiry to research for your writing, art, and musing process. Whether you’re searching medical files, interviewing your grandmother, sourcing reliable facts, inventing speculative technology, digging through FBI files, or reading your childhood journals, research can be creative and powerful. Wild research acknowledges the need for invention while keeping faith with the reader, as well as the necessity to create a story that isn’t just a plot device to hold all the facts.

This is art-making through research. So we will rely on each writer’s participation in the process. Together we’ll discover the connection to what we know, or what remains in the shadow. We will help each other find the patterns in our writing, make spontaneous connections to unconsidered ideas, and source images or metaphors that reflect explorations we might enter. You’ll also come away with a research plan, including a reading list, notes toward place, a list of voices, an oral interview, a way to organize your research, and potentially, a researched story.

Lessons post on Saturdays from November 2 to Dec 7. There will be four instructional units with exercises, audio, images, and assignments.

Week One – Cultivating an openness to the question of the work.

Week Two – Dreams, Myths & Secrets As Research Sources

Week Three - Entering the Narrative of the Other

Weeks Four through Six – Moving Research Into A Story

Sonya Lea's memoir, Wondering Who You Are was a finalist for the Washington State Book Award, and has garnered praise in Oprah Magazine, People, and the BBC, who named it a “top ten book.” Her essays have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Salon, The Southern Review, Brevity, Guernica, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus, and more. Lea teaches writing online and in person, including to women veterans through the Red Badge Project. She lives in Seattle and the Canadian Rockies. Find her at www.wonderingwhoyouare.com