Online: The Heart Of Writing For The Screen w/ Andy Mingo: 3/3/19


Online: The Heart Of Writing For The Screen w/ Andy Mingo: 3/3/19

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Workshop Starts: Mar. 3

Taught by Writer/Director Andy Mingo: Andy is a seasoned screenwriter who has adapted fiction to screen from authors like Monica Drake, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Chuck Palahniuk.  He and Palahniuk recently co-wrote the script adaptation of Palahniuk's award-winning novel, Lullaby, which is currently in preproduction with Andy slated to direct. Andy brings extensive teaching experience in film production, screenwriting, and writing to his commercial and film work as a co-founder of MindPollen Studios.

Whether you're a first time screenwriter with a vision for film, or if you've written a fictional piece you would like to adapt to the big screen this online, 6 week intensive screenwriting workshop is for you.

Beyond screenplay format and the three act format, this workshop will dive deep to explore the emotional meaning that you bring to the page.  We will develop characterization from the inside out and discover a connection with a scripted story that will be ready to film.

The class will consist of weekly videos lessons and online content that will culminate in a short 10-page script.

Week 1: Finding Character 

Week 2: Deep States and Action

Week 3: Emotional & Dramatic Flow

Week 4: Connections For A Larger Structure

Week 5: Sanding the Script

Week 6: Fine tuning: Metaphor & Meaning