Metamorphoses: New Forms From the Body & Language: 10/9/17

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Metamorphoses: New Forms From the Body & Language: 10/9/17

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WORKSHOP LEADERS: Lidia Yuknavitch & Zinn Adeline, 3 weeks with each

WHERE: Online for 6-weeks

COST: $450

Metamorphoses is a six week online workshop unlike anything you've ever done before. As part 1 in a 3 part series, think of it as an introduction to Lidia Yuknavitch's Corporeal Writing. Dare to write differently. Open to new forms and meanings. Change your writing and the world.

Although we promise not to take your traditions and way of doing things away from you, we are convinced that some of us need to explore new ways of doing things, new writing practices that do not rely on the same shit we’ve been trained to mimic for the last 200 years. Call me crazy, but I think at least some of us are interested in exploring and discovering new writing practices and strategies, new ways of telling stories that correspond more authentically to our bodies and voices and the world circa 2016 and beyond. At the heart of my own writing you will find change. Change is the center of every story I have ever told. Here is why: plot, character, voice, tone, and action hold no meaning for me any longer in terms of how to structure a story. I can admire stories and art that makes use of that tradition, but I am not longer interested in using it, since it does not in any way correspond to my experience of being in the world. So we set about creating new coordinates and writing practices in our own work, and we figure we can’t be the only people on the planet who needs or wants some, so we're sharing them. 

Secondly, we believe that this new territory of writing practices requires collaboration over the old GURU model of teaching and learning. There is no guru in Corporeal Writing. There’s just us. And we are the rest of you, just like you all are the rest of me. “Metamorphoses” means change. We are writing to change selves, writing, stories, the world. 

Week 1: The Body as an Epistemological Site.

Week 2: Liminal Experiences: Sex, Death, Joy, Fear.

Week 3: Deforming Prior Forms.

Week 4: Self as Sediment vs. Self as Center.

Week 5: The micro, The macro; From Personal to Social.

Week 6: Environmental Subjectivity.