Epistemologies: 4/8/18

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Epistemologies: 4/8/18

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EPISTEMOLOGIES: Writing to Unmake and Remake Meaning

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Lidia Yuknavitch & Zinn Adeline

WHERE: Online for 6-weeks

COST: $450

How many different ways do our bodies make meaning in our lives?  The birth body, the death body, the body inside the pulse and heat and sweat of sexuality? The incarcerated body, the liberated body, the body in pleasure or pain? The athlete's body, the dancer's body, the body abled differently. 

Epistemology is simply The Study of Knowledge, but that study has historically left bodies out. We think writing and literature is a place where we can insist our bodies have a POV, just as writers such asLeslie Marmon Silko, Duras, Acker, Whitman, Colette, Lispector & Irigaray have done.  In this workshop, we will contemplate creative writing techniques and structures that innovates, invents and performs the ways in which the body is an epistemological site—a site where all human meaning is made and unmade. A made again. Anew. 

Each week will have a video of Lidia & Zinn discussing making writing as an epistemological act, complete with prompts and writing assignments so that you too can write the body as an epistemological site—a site where human meaning is made anew, by you.

Three of the weeks, you will receive written feedback on the writing you post in response to the prompt from Zinn. On the three other weeks, Wednesdays at 6:30 Pacific time, you can participate in a group video call--Office Hours with Lidia, during which you can ask questions and discuss. Limited to 16 participants. 

Week 1: The Body as an Epistemological Site, part 2.

Week 2: Disrupting Dualisms

Week 3: Perceiving Perception

Week 4: Ignorance: Unlearning Bliss

Week 5: Corporeal Languages

Week 6: Corporeal Structures