Dissent & Witnessing 3/4/18

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brigid head shot.jpeg

Dissent & Witnessing 3/4/18

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Experiments in Body Poetics: Dissent and Witnessing

WORKSHOP LEADER: Brigid Yuknavitch

WHEN: 6 Weeks, starting 3/4/18

WHERE: Online

COST: $350

How is it possible to make a voice or voices heard? How is it possible to create with words when words are being used to persuade, consume, justify, sell, execute, mollify, hide and silence? We are going to learn from poets who stood before these questions. They have used form, metaphor, outrage, gesture, rhythm, the body, beauty, pity, nuance, loss, irony, and anything else they could command of themselves. How can you witness what is not in your experience? How can you speak for others? Can you know your own complicity and speak to it in others? What new feelings, what new bodies must we imagine?

Week 1: Breaking form

Week 2: Bringing the body into view

Week 3: The unspeakable

Week 4: Strident female voices

Week 5: Loss

Week 6: Intimacy