1. GENERATIVE: Art as Life Practice with Prompts and Processes

2. SCREENWRITING: Writing the Body onto The Screen

3. REINVENTING REVISION: A radicalization of what we mean when we say “workshop.” Group Revision Work using Lidia's invented Corporeal Methodologies

4. POETICS: Poetics Are Where Language & The Body Meet: Get in Touch With Your Personal Poetics.

  • Online: Six, 6-Week Workshops in Experiments in Body Poetics
  • F2F Weekends: Weekend Intensives of Experiments in Body Poetics

5. Varieties of Creative Vision: Writing includes things like painting, reading, making palimpsests, working with horses, doing yoga, and much more. Sometimes we offer workshops that don't quite fit the mold, sometimes we team up with visiting artists, sometimes we get together and view films like writers and eat popcorn and chocolate and drink wine. Online and F2F, all of those can be found HERE