Writing & The Body

WHEN: 3/23/18-3/25/18

WHERE: Kennedy School Hotel

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Jenn Pastiloff & Lidia Yuknavitch

COST: $550

“Writing and the body” are at the heart of both Lidia and Jen’s work so they decided to join forces and create a space where you can safely listen to and interpret the things our bodies tell us. This workshop will be non- traditional and, as Lidia says, will explore how stories and their forms can come from corporeal places, not just literary traditions and MFA programs.

We will do yoga (you do not have to be good at yoga or know it all) in order to open the body in Jen’s workshops and we will write about the body in Lidia’s workshops. Combining movement and writing moves you into a deeper space that allows words take over. Expect to flow, sweat, sing, write, dance and laugh as you let go of what is no longer serving you. Manifest what you want in your life.

You do not have to be a published or experienced writer or yogi- we are looking for people who have heart. You have a desire to write? You have a body? Then this weekend is for you. 

The weekend will be about letting go of fear, taking risks, connection and trust. The focus of the weekend is about being human: mind, body and soul. It’s about letting go of fear. It’s about finding your voice as a writer and as a woman. If I wasn’t afraid I would…?  What makes me come alive? Who would I be if nobody told me who I was?

What am I scared to write about? Questions like this and many more will be sought out and answered in this unique workshop which will strengthen the connection between your mind and your body.Bring an open heart. Expect to go beyond your comfort zone.  This experience is about life: unpredictable, sometimes messy, beautiful, human.

Refunds: A refund of $500 will be granted up until 2/1/2018, should you need one. After 2/1/18, we will only provide a refund if we are able to fill your spot. The remaining $50 covers our transfer fees then goes into our scholarship fund.

For questions, please email Zinn at: zinn@corporealwriting.com


dissent and whitness.jpeg

Poetic Voice

WORKSHOP LEADER: Brigid Yuknavitch

FACILITATED BY: Zinn Adeline; email zinn@corporealwriting.com with questions


4/13/18:  7pm - 9pm

4/14/18: 10 - 4

4/15/18: 10 - 4

WHERE: The Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

In this workshop you’ll be heightening your awareness of voice in a text. A mother’s voice is in the womb. Voices are of and distinct from the body. Not all voices are heard. Poetry can be impossible speech.

As readers we usually hear a voice when we read. Voice in any text is created by the physical aspects of language, including sound and the rhythms of sentences, and the social cues of a speaker’s vocabulary and world. Poetic language plays with these physical and social aspects of language. The repetition of lines in poetry adds to the possibilities of creating a voice. Awareness of these aspects of the text as voice will help you give voice.

What voice are you creating in your work? How does poetry create a voice? How does this carry over into other writing like memoir and fiction or hybrid forms? Through writing experiments we’ll explore voice in poetics—learning to listen to inner and external voices, learning to hear a voice from a text, and learning to transmit and create a voice on the page. 

Open to all levels of experience and genre.

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