Hybridity Series

three Face2Face workshops

 Lidia Yuknavitch
I invented this sequence because the forms and themes we have inherited do not in any way correspond to the experiences of so very many of us--those who have been used as the raw material for cultural "progress" and "excellence": women, people of color, indigenous people, LGBTQ+ people, poor people, differently abled people, and those located in liminal spaces like prison, rehab, refugee camps, mental health institutions...
Our stories look different on the page because we are taking our voices and bodies back. Exploring and expanding writing forms opens up the world. 

WORKSHOP/s LEADER: Lidia Yuknavitch

WHERE: Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

COST: Each workshop is $525

WHEN: See each workshop description for the date of which it will take place

OTHER: These are a tad smaller than our typical workshop size. Each workshop will view a film on Saturday and Sunday nights and we will discuss them as artistic practice realms, rather than the meaning of the film. There are recommended readings to complete before workshop, to serve as examples of what we are talking about, as well as references for group discussion--we will not be analyzing the works. IT IS MORE THAN OK IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO COMPLETE THE READINGS. 



Moonbeam Redaction,

 Christine McPhee.

 shellac-based and acrylic inks, watercolor, graphite, rabbit skin glue on canvas

Collection of the Center for Corporeal Writing, Portland, Oregon

Text in the painting is from "Ceremony," by Leslie Marmon Silk0

A cohesive narrative can happen any number of ways.  It can be an accumulation of fragments, it can be kaleidoscopic, it can by lyric, braided, circular, vertical, visual, it can be arranged as a palimpsest. Formal innovations in prose writing open up multivocal opportunities for storytelling—voices previously marginalized at the edges of experience are also the voices—and bodies—that create and hold the shape of culture. Now more than ever we must amplify hybridity as a socially vital form of storytelling as well as cultivate hybrid forms as artistic and teaching practice.

There are a few books to read ahead of the workshop, and we'll watch films there together on Saturday and Sunday nights, and then talk about them as artistic practice realms.  While space IS limited, please get on the waitlist if workshop is full!

Recommend Reading: There There, Tommy Orange; We The Animals, Justin Torres; Heart Berries, Terese Marie Mailhot.

Films we will watch together: Beasts of the Southern Wild & Tree of Life

Background theory, shared as handouts in workshop (that you can also ignore completely): Through Vegetal Being, Luce Irigaray; Selections from Ecofeminism: Women, Culture, Nature, Ed. Karen J. Warren; Ecofeminism: Toward Global Justice and Planetary Health, Greta Gaard and Lori Gruen.

Participants will leave with 2-3 hybrid drafts for future evolution (which may also be understood as novel or nonfiction vertebrae). 

2019 Dates TBA


 Joan Mitchell

Joan Mitchell

Are you writing beyond a main character into multiple voices, bodies, stories? Do you fuck around with time? Are you writing into the multiverse? Are you interrupting mono-mythologies or hero archetypes with rotating points of view, splittings of character, or many environments/worlds?

Multiplicity is a prose and hybrid writing workshop for those whose stories cannot be contained by narrative traditions. We will generate multi-character narratives, write into the multiverse, and blow up archetypes into pluralities. Participants will generate new ideas for character, story, environment, style, and artistic practice in prose.

This will be a smaller workshop than we typically run. While space IS limited, please get on the waitlist if workshop is full.

Recommended Reading: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, The Hours by Michael Cunningham, Aureole by Carole Maso, Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson.

Films we will watch together: The Hours and The Handmaiden.

2/15/19 - 2/17/19

  • Friday, 2/15: 7 - 9
  • Saturday, 2/16: 12 - 9, includes a 2 hour lunch break
  • Sunday, 2/17: includes a 2 hour lunch break


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 Louise bourgeois

Louise bourgeois

Are you writing in the in-between of things? Characters who are immigrants or stateless or refugees or people between home and homelessness? Are you exploring the bi-cultural or bi-sexual or transgender voice and body? Are you creating cyborgs or shapeshifters or hybrids between species to tell a story?

Do you write alive the borders between spaces? Frontiers? Disputed Territories? Crossroads, dimensions, portals or thresholds?  Rites of passage? Inside the flux and meld in between action, chaos, change? Dissolutions and Reconstitutions?

During liminal periods of all kinds, social hierarchies may be reversed or temporarily dissolved, continuity of tradition may become uncertain, and future outcomes once taken for granted may be thrown into doubt. The dissolution of order during liminality creates a fluid, malleable situation that enables new institutions and customs and identities to emerge.


Literature to have a look at:  Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi,Toni Morrison, Beloved, Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony, Bill Shakespeare, The Tempest (yes, I will speak briefly to these works)

Handouts:  EXCERPTS (don’t panic) from: Luce Irigary The Sex Which Is Not One, Helene Cixous The Laugh of the Medusa, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Can the Subaltern Speak

We will watch and discuss at least two of these films to explore liminality: Snowpiercer; Persepolis; Prospero’s Books.

8/30/19 - 9/2/18

  • Friday, 8/31: 7 - 9
  • Saturday, 9/1: 12 - 9, includes a 2 hour lunch break
  • Sunday, 9/2/18: includes a 2 hour lunch break
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