WRITE NOW: The Narrative Triptych w/ Lidia Yuknavitch April 4 - 24

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WRITE NOW: The Narrative Triptych w/ Lidia Yuknavitch April 4 - 24

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The Narrative Triptych

WORKSHOP LEADER: Lidia Yuknavitch

WHERE: The Corporeal Center

WHEN: 6-9 PM April 4, April 10, April 17, April 24

A painted or carved triptych typically has three hinged panels, and the two outer panels can be folded in towards the central one. A literary or musical triptych generally consists of three closely related or contrasting themes or parts. Triptychderives from the Greek triptychos ("having three folds"), formed by combining tri- ("three") and ptychē ("fold" or "layer").

Although triptych originally described a specific type of Roman writing tablet that had three hinged sections, it is not surprising that the idea was generalized first to a type of painting, and then to anything composed of three parts.

The triptychs most etched on my brain are Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, Ruben's Elevation of the Cross, and Bacon's Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion. There are MANY religious triptychs as well as some amazing contemporary triptychs painted by women, POC, and LGBTQ artists. 

A Narrative Triptych draws from the concept of the three-paneled image creating a 3-section sequence with language.

  • Thursday April 4 :: 6-9 pm ::  We’ll eyeball some beautiful narrative triptychs for inspiration and strategy and spitball on one of our own—bat ideas around and do a little writing, plus commit to completing.

  • Wednesday April 10 :: 6-9 pm :: We actually write together.

  • Wednesday April 17 :: 6-9 pm :: We bring excerpt drafts of our works in progress, collaborate on micro feedback

  • Wednesday April 24 :: 6-9 pm :: We bring in projects. Give each other feedback. We celebrate. We decide when and where we intend to send these suckers out for publication.)

(Artwork is “Healing Waters” by Holly Anderson)

The Corporeal Center houses all of Corporeal Writing's Face2Face workshops, readings, and open community hours Tues through Friday, 12 - 4. We are located in a beautiful historic building in downtown Portland. We are on bus lines, close to the Max line that goes to the airport as well as the Amtrak station. We are within walking distance to many hotels, some of our favorites being The Society Hotel ($), Embassy Suites ($$), Hotel Monaco ($$) and The Nines ($$$). With a bar, delicious burger joint, fresh salad bar in our building, a food truck lot out the front door, and Pine Street Market only a 3 block walk, food options abound.