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Cost: $25 payable in cash, check or card upon arrival each week

Write More

A twist on the traditional writing group

with Domi Shoemaker

Thursdays 6-8pm

Starting March 14, 2019 - drop in any night!

Do you love diving deep in writing workshops, then find yourself stumbling around afterward trying to regain the momentum from that magical time of the collective creating experience?

Do you want to continue receiving verbal and written feedback from other people while you work through your narrative?

Do you want to be able to do this on a drop-in basis once a week as you choose?

We get it! And now, we can help you to keep your flow rolling!

For participants of Lidia’s Write Now workshops, Domi will hold a 2 hour weekly group designed to get your work where you want it to be. We will use using collective feedback guided by Domi and all-around support with people who have written with Lidia in any one or more of the Write Now series.

This group will start on time, and will be collaborative and somewhat organic. Participants will bring at least 4 pages a week , and we will read and provide feedback based on the number of attendees. Then we will allot at least an hour to write together before we disband.

We will help you figure out how your work can either be completed and where to publish, OR figure out how it fits into your larger narrative and offer support while you continue to work on it.