Perfect Your First Two Pages


Perfect Your First Two Pages

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PERFECT YOUR FIRST TWO  PAGES: How to Keep Your Reader Reading


WHEN: Saturday, October 13th, 10:00am - 4:30pm, includes a 45 min lunch break and two 10-minute breaks

WHERE: The Corporeal Center

FEE: $150, includes handouts

OTHER: This workshop is limited to 8 students!

The first two pages of your story or essay determine whether an agent or editor keeps reading, or sends a rejection. Two pages – that’s all you have to grab their interest! But what makes them turn the page, or hit the “decline” button? Liz Prato will read the first two pages of your manuscript in class and evaluate what’s working, and what might send your piece into the recycling bin. The good news is, you won’t be left hanging. You’ll learn practical tools for sharpening the critical beginning of your piece, using published examples and classroom discussion. This fun and information-packed class is a rare opportunity to get an intimate look at what makes a piece stand out in the submission pile. 


Liz Prato's short story collection, Baby's on Fire, was published by Press 53 in 2015. Her stories and essays have appeared in dozens of literary journals and magazines, including Hayden's Ferry Review, Carolina Quarterly, Baltimore Review, The Rumpus, Salon, Hunger Mountain, and ZYZZYVA. She is the Editor at Large for Forest Avenue Press, where she edited the anthology, The Night, and the Rain, and the River (2014), and she has guest-edited for VoiceCatcher and Prime Number Magazine. Liz has been sharing creative writing tools and inspiration with other writers since 2008, teaching workshops from Portland to Boston and places in-between. 

Liz's newest book, Volcanoes, Palm Trees, and Privilege: Essays on Hawai‘i, will be released by Overcup Press in April 2019.