Multiplicity 2019


Multiplicity 2019

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2/15/18:  7pm - 9pm

2/16/18: 12 - 9, includes a 2 hour lunch break

2/17/18: 12 - 9, includes a 2 hour lunch break

Where: The Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

Cost: $525

Are you writing beyond a main character into multiple voices, bodies, stories? Do you fuck around with time? Are you writing into the multiverse? Are you interrupting mono-mythologies or hero archetypes with rotating points of view, splittings of character, or many environments/worlds? Multiplicity is a prose and hybrid writing workshop for those whose stories cannot be contained by narrative traditions. We will generate multi-character narratives, write into the multiverse, and blow up archetypes into pluralities. Participants will generate new ideas for character, story, environment, style, and artistic practice in prose.

There are a few books to read ahead of the workshop, and we'll watch films there together on Saturday and Sunday nights, and then talk about them as artistic practice realms. This will be a smaller workshop than we typically run. While space IS limited, please get on the waitlist if workshop is full.

Books to read before you come: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, The Hours by Michael Cunningham, Aureole by Carole Maso, Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson.

Films we will watch together: The Hours and The Handmaiden