Making the Story: Observation, Perception & Process


Making the Story: Observation, Perception & Process

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Making the Story: Observation, Perception & Process



  • Saturday, September 22nd: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday, September 23rd: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Kimberly will be giving a reading at the Corporeal Center on Saturday night

WHERE: The Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

This workshop focuses on memory, sensation and social connection – how we find stories and create an endless cache of inspiration rooted in a social ground and a flow of human history with no beginnings and endings.  During our time together we’ll focus first on generative writing, practicing and learning about observation and perception, about how to use our bodies and consciousness to ride memory and sensation into creative expression.  There will be homework on the first night (including an assignment to complete in your sleep).  On the second day, we’ll write again - and revise, continuing to explore expanded awareness, sleep wisdom and distributed intelligence.

Think about your own distributed intelligence.  The octopus, for instance, doesn’t locate thought and understanding just in the brain, but in every part of physical experience and consciousness – so much so that a limb can be released and still carry on with its connected business. We’ll explore our octopus-sense. We’ll practice with processes to tap a deeper understanding of characters, time, storyline and resolution using work we’ve just begun, or perhaps a troubling piece of writing in progress. We’ll work with our bodies (gently, nothing aerobic) and our shifting consciousness. We’ll write together and reflect on what happens when we use these tools and what can be learned from community in creative process.

Preparation in advance: Find a popular film that was released when you were five years old.Not a children’s film – a regular hit movie.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it before or not. Enjoy watching it.


Kimberly Dark is a writer, professor and raconteur, working to reveal the hidden architecture of everyday life one clever essay, poem, and story at a time. She uses humor, surprise and intimacy to help audiences discover their influences, and reclaim their power as social creators. Kimberly teaches in Sociology and Women's Studies at CSU, San Marcos. She also teaches writing and theatre courses for Cal State Summer Arts.

Kimberly Dark has written award-winning plays, taught and performed for a wide range of audiences in various countries over the past two decades. She is the author of Love and Errors, a book of poetry and Co-Editor of the anthology Ways of Being in Teaching.  Her essays appear in popular online publications such as Everyday Feminism and Ravishly. Her poetry and prose are available in various literary and academic publications. Kimberly's storytelling performances and interactive lectures make big, complex ideas relatable at campuses, conferences, companies and anywhere people seek startling revelations and positive change. Beloved by diverse audiences, Kimberly crosses boundaries to show how we must engage all the wisdom and verve we have to create the most compassionate, fair and inclusive world we can.