Fall 2019 Seasonal Workshop w/ Domi Shoemaker & Daniel Elder: Oct. 25-27


Fall 2019 Seasonal Workshop w/ Domi Shoemaker & Daniel Elder: Oct. 25-27

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Workshop Leader: Domi Shoemaker. Co-Facilitator: Daniel Elder 

This fall, come on a new adventure with Corporeal Writing. Lidia has been offered an incredible opportunity that will take her out of town and deep into her writing all autumn long, so she’s leaving a pair of seasonal workshops in the trusted hands of Domi Shoemaker and Daniel Elder.Domi has been co-facilitating workshops with Lidia since the birth of Corporeal Writing [how many years ago?], and Daniel has been writing with and learning from both Lidia and Domi for the four years that he has called Portland home.

Together, using prompts and methods learned from Lidia as well as devised on their own, these two writers will take you deep into the richness of metaphor. [the following is the usual text for fall, still included here] Color. Changes in light, leaves, life. Meditation. Observation. In this generative workshop we will develop your key primary metaphors embedded in how you experience your life physically. Don’t worry—we know how to find them. From these metaphors we will develop seeds of texts (poetic, fiction, nonfiction, or mixed genre) for future expansion in your writing and artmaking life.


  • Friday, 10/25/19: 7-9:30pm

  • Saturday, 10/26/19 10am-4pm

  • Sunday, 10/27/19 10am-4pm

WHERE: Corporeal Center, 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

COST: $275