Dreamlines: A Workshop with Brigid & Lidia Yuknavitch


Dreamlines: A Workshop with Brigid & Lidia Yuknavitch

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     1/12/18: 7pm - 9pm

     1/13/17: 11am - 4pm

     1/14/18: 11am - 4pm

WHERE: Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave #101, Portland, OR 97204

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Brigid Yuknavitch & Lidia Yuknavitch

COST: $400

Dreams are prescient, mysterious, strange, funny, timely, frightening, wondrous, unfinished.


Dreams are creative process. Like art, dreams feed life individually and collectively by showing us symbols and language charged with raw corporeal voice, creative thresholds and energies.


Come write with us from dreamlines, or stories and voices that begin in dreams. We will work with two or three different structures for re-entering dreams and follow the dream in writing experiments. We’ll also be writing from reverberations of dreams within our group process. This work with dreams can help you re-enter a piece of your own writing as a creative space. Bring a dream if you can.