Deep Scene Diving w/ Lidia and Brigid Yuknavitch: May 10-12


Deep Scene Diving w/ Lidia and Brigid Yuknavitch: May 10-12

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WHERE: Corporeal Center: 510 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

WHEN: May 10-12, 2019

COST: $400 (scholarships available - click here to apply)

Deep Scene Diving with Lidia & Brigid Yuknavitch

There are so many ways as writers we get stuck. What if we think of this stuckness as a disconnect from ourselves—a challenge to go deeper? Is a description flat because we haven’t found the right word or because we haven’t let ourselves dive deep enough, long enough into the experience to find the images and voices and actions that tell the story? Is a character off because of craft or because we haven’t really heard their voice? Is there something we need to feel, some image we haven’t attended, carrying the kernel of the story? Is your fear of criticism an awareness that you haven’t gone deep enough with your own process?

In this workshop we are going to use writing experiments and psychodrama to re-enter or dive deeper into the stories you’re writing by walking around in your scenes. You can stand in the inner imaginal world you are writing. You can bring more of your awareness to your writing choices. The embodied felt experience of what is going on in your work can re-connect you with your writing and the depths from which it emerges. Sometimes we find a missing piece. Sometimes we see from a different angle. Sometimes a character isn’t who we thought she was when we stand in her shoes or walk around in her landscape. You can visit the the stuck place as a sentient being. Surprise yourself. Where you’re stuck, there’s a depth.

  • Fri, 5/10/19: 7 - 9 pm

  • Sat, 5/11/19: 11 - 4

  • Sun, 5/12/19: 11 - 4

  • We have coffee, tea, and light snacks on hand at all times. Friday evening, beverages will be served. On both Sat and Sun, we will take a one hour lunch break, for which you are on your own. We have award winning food carts right outside our door, as well as a cool indoor food court of sorts, where 'Portland Famous' chefs have counters (including Salt and Straw!) just 2 blocks away.