4 online experimental poetics workshops with Brigid Yuknavitch 

These online workshops are designed to help you get into relationship with your personal poetics by presenting ideas and examples, giving exercises or prompts, and a place to then post your work and receive feedback from Brigid and others. We all have personal poetics, but in order to communicate it, be seen, heard, read, we have to give our body's rhythm a form. We have a whole history and tradition of forms and rules, but they are all really about the body.  While we aren't bound by those rules anymore, they are a huge repository for working with and playing with language. Language is how we make meaning, and poetry is where language and the body meet. Poetry is an experience in the body. There is no right or wrong way to write. These are experiments with the relationship between words and bodies. We are not polishing but pushing into language. Which makes it a perfect place for beginners and prose writers, as well as practicing poets who want to begin again from new places. Click on the title for specific information about each workshop. Email zinn@corporealwriting.com with questions.

  • WORKSHOP LEADER: Brigid Yuknavitch.
  • ADMINISTRATOR: Zinn Adeline
  • WHERE & WHEN: Each workshop is 6 weeks, and takes place on a rich and interactive online platform called Wetink. Each week includes a lesson, examples, and an exercise, which you are to complete and post by mid week. 
  • PARTICIPATION EXPECTATION: You are then expected to give feedback, which we provide a how-to-guide for, to at least two other writer's work every week. This is important and a commitment we ask you to take seriously. 
  • COST: Each 6-week workshop is $350.
  • AND: While they are designed so that you may take them consecutively to complete a process, you’re free to take them as you like.

3. Transformations

NEXT RUN: 1/8/18

  2. Out of Silence 



4. Dissent and Witnessing

NEXT RUN: 3/4/18

You see, I am not a ‘poet’ - nor had I ever been introduced to poetry, formally or otherwise. I was just a girl standing in front of a narrative that was not working. These workshops have struck a proverbial match under me and rekindled a spark in that deeply satisfying, warm and intimate space between…breaths. Brigid is a patient, understanding & intuitive being.
— Gray, Three-Time Poetics Workshop Participant