Fall Offerings:

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Fall Online Workshops:

Reinventing Revision: 9/4/17

Body Poetics: Out of Silence: 10/9/17

Metamorphoses: 11/6/17

Fall Face2Face Workshops:

Politics & Resistance Writing, Seattle, 9/22-24

Fall 1, PDX, 9/29-10/1/2017

The Corporeality of Poetic Language: 10/13/17-10/15/17

Fall 2, PDX, 11/3-5/2017

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Lidia & Zinn Collaborating at a Fancy Summer Camp:

Lidia and Zinn will be leading a workshop in the Redwoods, outside of Santa Cruz, August 18-20, 2017. For info and registration visit 1440 Multiversity, Making Art a Life Practice:

"At its core, the process of making art is a life practice. It’s not about crafting the perfect sentence, attracting an audience, or even getting published. It’s about digging deeper, finding truer truths, and staying alive. Reimagining. Remaking. Reinventing."