New Workshops & Registration Dates

Hi friends, 

I hope this note finds you all relatively well. Thanks for making all the calls, sending all of the postcards, sharing news and watching one another's backs. Sorta takes our saying we have here at Corporeal Writing--We Are The Rest Of You--to the next level. And reminds us that now, more than ever really, we MUST keep writing, and taking our writing to the next level when we can. It reminds us that writing IS a socially vital activity. Reminds us that the way to combat Fascism is with the sharing of ideas and art. New knowledge is their worst enemy. 

Which is why we have come up with a few new workshop offerings, new opportunities for civil & literary disobedience  for our fall lineup: 

We also still have some openings for our Summer Seasonal Workshop this August, as well as Writing About Class in America: A May Day Workshop, and online Experiments In Body Poetics, between now and the fall. 

And if you will be at AWP in D.C. next week, don't forget to come see us! We want to buy you a drink

As always, feel free to shoot me an email if you need clarification or have any questions. 

If you can't make it to workshop, be noisy, unflinching, relentless, whenever you can, wherever you are. And we mean it--We Are The Rest of You.

Zinn & Team Corporeal