Metamorphoses Has Morphed into a 3 Part Online Workshop Series

After three successful runs of the online workshop Metamorphoses, we are THRILLED to offer two followup workshops, making an online workshop three part series:

  1. Metamorphoses: New Forms From the Body & Language
  2. Epistemologies: Writing to Unmake & Remake Meaning
  3. Ontologies: Writing Our Way Into the World


Lidia is here to share some thoughts about this expansion!

CW: How, for you in your mind and or process, is Metamorphoses, Epistemology, and Ontology a trio? or sequence? 

LIDIA: The sequence begins with the body, emphasized change, and arrives at new openings. I mean that in terms of self, writing practice, and writing. Corporeal Writing is at its heart writing by and through the body as a site of meaning making. In Metamorphoses we explore the body as a place where we can generate new forms of writing as well as new themes and content that correspond more accurately to our lived experiences rather than a tired old tradition. In Epistemology we explore the ways in which meaning-making has both limited us as well as at the ways we might open meaning-making back up for our writing and our lives. Ontology brings us to new questions about the relationships between self, others, and world. The sequence is thus about “becoming” in writing and in life, and inventing your own languages to express what's meaningful to you.

CW: Did you always intend for Meta to have a follow up or is it something that happened as you taught that workshop a few times?

LIDIA: I did always intend for Metamorphoses to have several other opportunities for exploration, but Zinn in particular zoomed in on Epistemology—from the body as an epistemological site—as a territory of exploration that would meaningfully follow Metamorphoses. Ontology came then as an extension of my conversations with Zinn.

CW: What do you hope the participants enrolled in Epistemology get out of it or accomplish?

LIDIA: New ways to make meaning in their own writing, new structures and writing practices to explore, great departures from our inherited traditions in thought and writing.

CW: What advice do you have for them, getting started?

LIDIA: STAY OPEN. remember that invention can go anywhere, and that invention is yours forever. 

CW: A question about your larger vision: you have the Seasonal Series, The Online Workshop Series, and these revision techniques that you have invented and are out leading workshops in place of the traditional manuscript workshop as much as you can. Obviously, you have developed a comprehensive philosophy, but it almost seems like you are developing a curriculum of sorts too? Is that accurate? Or what else would you call it? 

LIDIA: I would not call it a curriculum. I would call it writing as a living practice. Which means the workshops will endlessly change and grow, and it also means that the collaborations we do together will weave into whatever comes next — it's the only writing workshop that evolves according to the involvement of the fellow collaborators. You could say we are all like a living organism that changes and grows together, rather than a top down Master delivering knowledge from some weird mountain top. Be the mountain with me. And if this takes the place of a traditional program for you, cool. If it doesn't, cool. I'm not here to take away your old methods & traditions, I'm just here to create new ways of doing things too. 

CW: You've taken on a co-leader in the epistemology workshop. Why? Why should people not be bummed they don't get you every week?

LIDIA:  They do get me every week. I've either created, or had a hand in the creation of, all of these workshops. Zinn has been with me for a long time, has studied her ass off for years, and has worked incredibly hard to learn my philosophy and methods. You get me through her, and I'll keep eyes on it, but I refuse to sit still in the traditional “guru” position. I mean what I say when I say this isn't about me. It's about a practice that moves and changes from our collaborative energies. We're nothing without all of us. Sometimes I facilitate, but that doesn't mean I know anything more or less than anyone else in the room. I've de-centered my authority in every realm I've entered. I don't believe in traditional models of authority. I believe in creative collaboration, and I'm thrilled to work alongside anyone anywhere who also understands creativity as plural, multivocal, many-bodied.

The new workshops do build onto ideas presented in Metamorphoses, taking them to the next level, but we certainly don't require you take them in order, and you won't be "lost" if you don't. 

We are excited about this growth! Thanks for being a part of it, and feel free to share. 

We Are The Rest Of You,

Corporeal Writing