What If

Dear Mammals,

In every interview I have ever given I have said something like this: “We are always experiencing ourselves as fragmented and fucked up rather than stable, well-adjusted, together.” Disrupting this, or psychological realism and linear narratives, is at the heart of my writing and teaching. 

What If I invited you to radically re-envision what we mean when we say writing? What if YOU show up? What if we use tools to excavate all of your fragments, all of the bits and pieces of you, your life and what has made you and use them to make art? What if you sign up for the workshop and you ...

  • Learn more about the literary tradition we have been handed, and why we must both cherish it and seek to disrupt it via video lessons from Lidia. 
  • Are given tools—flashlights and shovels and methods of preservation—so that you may dig deeper into your own work. Deeper than you ever knew you were capable of digging.
  • Learn your body has a POV, how to access it, and how to put it’s rhythm on the page.
  • Are inspired by, and experience satisfaction from inspiring, fellow brave writers in weekly prompts, exercises and workshops.
  • Are provided with encouragement and suggestions from fellow workshoppers and Lidia. 
  • You experience a sudden intense motivation. A flowering of ideas. A shared sense of urgency. Your imperatives will be heard and taken into account as Lidia invents, re-imagines and shapes these series of workshops.

Together we can make writing do something else. I don’t know exactly what it will do. We won’t know until we try. Together. I’m willing to try. Are you? Help me re-invent the workshop. Together we can re-invent what we share, why we share, and how we make art.