Announcing the 2016-2017 Seasonal Workshop Series

FALL 1: 11/4--11/6 2016

FALL 2: 11/18--11/20 2016

Portland, Or. 

Exhausting Metaphor: 

Color. Changes in light, leaves, life. Meditation. Observation. In this generative workshop we will develop your key primary metaphors embedded in how you experience your life physically. Don’t worry—I know how to find them. From these metaphors we will develop seeds of texts (poetic, fiction, nonfiction, or mixed genre) for future expansion in your writing and artmaking life.

WINTER 1: 12/16--12/18 2016

WINTER 2: 1/6--1/8 2017

Portland, OR. 

The Story Underneath The Story:

Digging down. Tunneling Under. Hibernation. Exploring the cold, the dark, the depths. In this generative workshop will focus on “going deeper” by producing a “layered” text and then multiplying its potential meanings by asking what is underneath its surface and how can I access the deeper stories? Trust me there is a lot underneath every surface.

SPRING 1: 3/10--3/12 2017

SPRING: 2: 4/7--4/9

Portland, OR. 

Reinventing Revision:

Seeds. Planting. Budding. Growth. Composting. Renewal, remembering, remaking. A radicalization of what we mean when we say “workshop.” This is a manuscript workshop with some generative work as well. You will send up 20 pages of a manuscript two weeks prior. Shared work, discussion, bring your body, your writing, your art, and a willingness to leave your comfort zone. We will blow your existing work up as well as open up future options you didn’t even know were there (everything you’ve ever written has at least five more ideas in it).



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